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("KLC") is an immigration law firm in Central Florida. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with liaison offices in Boca Raton, Florida, Columbus, Ohio and Beijing, China, we provide top notch immigration services to both corporate and individual clients worldwide. We are specially focused on EB5 regional center and direct EB-5 investment immigration. At KLC, our team of experienced attorneys and paralegals are dedicated to providing you with superior legal services to ensure the success of your case. Each case is carefully assessed and processed in the most cost effective manner. Our sensitive and flexible approach will unquestionably meet the demands of your case.Our representation of you continues throughout the immigration process until you have settled in the United States. At KLC, we offer personalized service by using the latest technology available to communicate and represent you, most often in your own native language, so you are in good hands with us.

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Witness Panel 1

1.Honorable Charles Grassley (Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee)
2.Honorable Patrick Leahy

Witness Panel 2
1.Ms. Rebecca Gambler(Homeland Security and Justice Team)

2.Mr. Sam Walls III(Managing Director of Pine State Regional Center)

3.Ms. Angelique Brunner (Founder and President of EB-5 Capital)
4.Ms. Dekonti Mends-Cole
(Director of Policy of Center for Community Progress)

5.Mr. David North(Fellow of Center for Immigration Studies)

03/08/2017 : Hearing on EB-5 Investor Visa Program

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美国KLC联合律师事务所(King Law Center),是美国佛罗里达州注册的专门从事美国移民、工作许可申请及商务咨询等案件的专业律师事务所。总部位于美国奥兰多市,在纽约市、俄亥俄州和华盛顿特区设有分所,在中国北京设有联络处。
本所律师均具有美国知名法学院的法学博士学位,在移民案件领域拥有丰富经验,最长执业时间已逾20年,可为个人、公司(包括教育研究机构) 和跨国企业提供一系列美国移民和商务活动的法律咨询及申请服务。目前,本所律师已为数以千计的委托人提供了全面的美国移民及商务咨询和申请服务,业务范围 包括美国移民法的方方面面(不受理政治庇护案件委托)。

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